Lenovo Connect Assists AIWAYS U5 in Completing the Longest Test Drive With Global Connectivity Services

AIWAYS team in Xi'an, China

AIWAYS has announced the successful completion of EV prototype test journey in Frankfurt, Germany. It is a 14,231-mile journey across Asia and Europe from Xi'an, China, since it marks the start of the historically significant Silk Road trading route between the East and the West that took 53 days.

As a partner of AIWAYS, Lenovo Connect provided great connectivity services in AIWAYS's drive test journey and even to all AIWAYS products worldwide. Since March 2019, Lenovo Connect started to offer AIWAYS Automotive Grading SIM cards, CMP (Connectivity Management Platform) platform and e-Call service in succession. So AIWAYS could enjoy many valuable services, including abundant global communication resources, stable APN network scheme, professional operation support and more.

At present, Lenovo Connect is actively developing 5G software-defined network and fusion communication device, edge computing and super-computing device, cloud storage device and platform to promote the smart applications in network communications infrastructure, IoV, driverless vehicles and so on. Next, Lenovo Connect will focus on initiating the overall solution based on the connectivity platform, which covers the vehicle terminal, mobile terminal, supervision terminal, operation-end, data center, SP/CP, etc.

Furthermore, Lenovo Connect will continue to work closely with AIWAYS to provide users a safe, stable and smart driving experience, and jointly promote the development and landing of smart IoV industry.

About Lenovo Connect

Lenovo Connect is a subsidiary of Lenovo and is committed to becoming the world's leading AIOT service provider. Lenovo Connect pools global network operators, hardware manufacturers, platform developers, system integrators and service providers to create an ICBAG enabling system integrating IoT, Cloud, Big Data, AI and Global Service. Lenovo Connect will converge global connectivity and service resources to empower the smart connectivity of all things.

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